What’s Next for Our Mobile Devices?

iPhone Does it All! Or DOES it?!After reading an interesting article on Adage.com about a man, his iPhone, a birthday party and the future of mobile devices…

The iPhone is clearly resetting consumer expectations about the role, functionality and integration of devices, and other brands are moving in a similar direction. At the end of the day, we need to understand where the puck is moving. – Pete Blackshaw Adage.com

…we got to thinking: what future mobile device capabilities would we like to see?

  • An application that does our laundry.
  • A phone that does the talking for you. This would come in really handy when friends call for a late-night complaining session.
  • Cooking capabilities. Think about it—what if your phone could whip up a delicious plate of chicken cacciatore for you!?

In all seriousness, we’d love to have a forward function for text messaging. That’s probably more reasonable.

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