Got a Quirky Idea for a New Product?

I came across this genius product, Zip-up Earbuds, and it reminded me of this cool website that I recently discovered.

Quirky.comDescribed as a “social product development company,” is a site where anyone can submit their own ideas for products. Registered members can then influence what products actually get developed. Members can read about and explore all of the submitted ideas, vote on which ones they like best, rate them in categories like “cool” and “value,” and leave comments. If you check out the site, you’ll find there are so many “I can’t believe I never thought of that!” ideas.

What’s fun is that the community of users can really influence the products throughout the whole process. Product submissions with the highest number of votes in their respective group move forward to the research phase, followed by design, naming and then the tagline. All along the way, the community is voting and providing feedback to help make the best product possible. Even if someone’s idea doesn’t make it far in the process, they are still getting constructive feedback from site members, which is a great benefit to any inventor.

You can visit the store to purchase and read the product development history of winning items such as the Scratch-n-Scroll or JUS. Check out the site and help create some fun stuff!

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