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E Pluribus Typo

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

The 50-peso coin with Chile spelt wronglyHere at Gunn/Jerkens we take proofreading pretty seriously. Of course, we’re only human, so occasionally a typo will make it through the first round…only to be caught by the next pair of hawkeyes we have on staff. That said, we can’t help but gasp at the horrific mistake made by the Chilean mint in 2008.

“The general manager of the Chilean mint has been dismissed after thousands of coins were issued with the name of the country spelt wrongly.

The 50-peso coins – worth about 10 cents (6p) – were issued in 2008, but no-one noticed the mistake until late last year.”

Wow. Well, that’s embarrassing. Can you imagine anything worse? Maybe misspelling the name of a country on its own flag?